Meet our team of qualified coaches.


Jorge Talavera

  • Owner/Head Coach

Jorge started off in mixed martial arts and has years of experience as an instructor of combat sports and group fitness classes. He started Rush Fitness Gym in 2010 in El Paso, Texas. For many years he has studied and implemented knowledge of movement to help people improve their overall health and performance. As the head personal coach at Rush he works with people to correct movement imbalances and caters solid programming catered to their specific goals. 


Diana Talavera

  • Owner/Coach

Diana has many years of experience in coaching and personal training. She works closely with athletes in the gym to help them fully develop good form and technique in order to maximize performance and avoid injury.  She is passionate about implementing nutrition as a necessary component to overall wellness and health.


SalRingDips-2 copy.jpg

Salena Karam Ayoub

  • Associate Coach

Sal started working with CrossFit years ago and quickly became passionate about learning technique and skills and sharing that knowledge with others. Since then she has attended and completed several seminars and worked closely with Rush athletes to improve on their movement and functional training. She works closely with some of the Rush competitors, helping them remain disciplined and organized with both their nutritional needs and workouts as they prepare for upcoming competitions. 


Miguel Camacho

  • Coach

A firefighter by day, Miguel has been involved in athletics since he was a young man. When he discovered CrossFit years ago, he became passionate and enamored by the complexity of the movements and the technique and awareness they require . He loves the discipline and mental game involved in the sport and is always working to better fundamentals. He loves nothing more than watching someone progress as they learn the concepts and mechanics behind the movement.


Ray Cassio

  • Coach

Ray is a native El Pasoan. He graduated from America’s High School where he played football and ran track. In 2008, he joined the U.S Marine Corps where he was introduced to CrossFit. After his time in the Marines he went on to obtain a BA and MA in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. He began coaching and programming at District H CrossFit in Houston and later became operations manager, programmer, and head coach at CrossFit and Fearless in Austin. He is currently a battalion lead strength and conditioning coach for Reef Systems Corp and doing contracting for the U.S. Army.