Cool Shots.

Here are some shots of our very own Adriana Fregoso as she practices her muscle ups. Also, some of the coaches practicing their lifts.  One of the snatch photos is particularly interesting because it shows the snatch in three different stages, the first being a kind of intense concentration.

By the way, these photos were taken by local photographers Richard Hill and Alejandro Idunate, whose reaction when they first witnessed a Rush workout on a busy Saturday morning could be described only as, befuddled. The day they came in with their camera, they'd never seen a workout of this nature and one of them turned to me and said, "This is crazy, but it looks like a good workout."  

It's true, witnessing a workout from the outside is to witness controlled chaos, a kind of thermodynamic theater, a medley of human movement. There is also a strange brew of camaraderie and competition and a fusion of play and pain. Not to mention, serious skill!!

FitnessMari GomezComment