Competition is not for the weak hearted. It not only tests your skills and endurance, but it propels you to quite literally sweat out  your old barriers. A common occurrence in competition, as we saw with our Rush Squad during Boxtoberfest 2015, is the ability to surprise oneself, to reach the apex of ability, to withstand pain and discomfort, and continue forth. The momentum of the moment, overflowing with energy and adrenaline, creates fertile territory for a kind of transmutation. For, it is in these high pressure instances that we discover the true makeup of ourselves; it is in that transient state that we discard the undesirable and regenerate into something better.

Competition is a kind of molting, in which athletes break out of their exoskeleton of limitations and become slightly bigger, stronger, and more ferocious. It’s an opportunity to shed apprehensions and fears and crawl out of that shell something far more powerful and adroit. This is the most exciting part of watching competition, the almost visible moment in which someone transgresses a line they had never crossed before, or when they reach the absolute limit of themselves and almost vanish into pure energy.

Perhaps the most interesting underlying principle of the sport is the concept of the overall preparedness. The idea being, to train the body and mind for any combination of challenges. This means to face your weaknesses, to hurt, to meddle in discomfort enough times to face it with grace and efficiency.  And this is why we train (although I’m told the solid abs are nice), we train because it is our innate nature to survive, because we thrive on adversity and sometimes life is too damn comfortable. And this training can make the difference, in your life, between being beaten down by failure and getting up and trying again.

Competition is the zenith of your training, your dedication, discipline, concentration, the mornings and nights you spend preparing meals, the rolling out of bed with sore muscles, the failed attempts, the successful ones, the exhaustion, the breathlessness. It’s the result of rebelling against sloth and the easy way out. It’s the culmination of one’s mental focus, competitive drive, the ability to keep calm under pressure, and above all else the moment in which you face your limitations and tell them to go fuck themselves.

And last week’s Boxtoberfest had a few Rush Fitters participating in this process. Our athletes molted and have now returned to the gym a little bigger, stronger. Congratulations Rush Squad: Marli, Val, Coach Salena, West, Heather, James, C.W. Stephanie and Tara.  Until the next one. 

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