Farewell to Two Rush Ladies

Two of our fine members will be leaving the gym.  Coach Adriana is making her way to San Diego, California to wreck shop in the West Coast. She has been excellent at challenging every athlete to push themselves to their best. With her competitive nature she encouraged all of us to give it all we had every workout as small and painful as it might be, while guiding us through proper movements and techniques.

Rush is also saying goodbye to long time member Lynne Stone, who has inspired all of us with her work ethic, heart, and her good humor. How can one forget Lynne' as she occasionally broke into dance before or after a workout to lift everybody's spirits. 

Both of you ladies are an inspiration.  You all will be missed. This past weekend Rush had a little celebration to see them off with style. There was dancing and crying and some late night WOD's.  While we will miss them terribly we also wish them the best. Good luck to both of you!

Mari GomezComment