The CrossFit Open at Rush Fitness Gym


Join Rush Fitness for the CrossFit Open. It's a great way to welcome the Spring weather. Had a rough day? Leave it all behind...on the floor, in the form of sweat, and chalk, and God knows what else. It's the best therapy! 

We do it every year and every year we learn something new about ourselves and our ability to improve. We invite all of our athletes to sign up for the Open and have fun. It can be a really great way to be part of the larger CrossFit community.

Learn Through Discipline

For Rush Fitness Gym CrossFit RFG the Open is about having fun, measuring personal progress and supporting your fellow athletes. The Open allows you to measure where you stand among athletes all over the country, but more importantly where you stand against yourself as compared to last year and the year before and the year before that. Life is a race against ourselves, after all. So much of CrossFit is about improving your skills and building your strength to improve your life, to make yourself stronger, and to overcome challenges.

And to have fun, of course, always have fun.

It’s About Community and Self Improvement

No, most of us are not aiming to go to the CrossFit Games or training for a world renowned athletic competition. Most of us are simply trying to get through the day feeling better, stronger, and improving mentally and physically. It is why Rush Fitness does what it does. We love to see our athletes set personal goals, reach them, and then surpass them.

It’s Also About the Challenge

And yet, another great aspect of the CrossFit Open is the fact that the workouts are tough and getting through them is an accomplishment in and of itself. These workouts will challenge you, they will test your skills, they will often push you to your limits, and encourage you to make the final push to learn those toes to bar, or muscle ups, or whatever it is.

Find Your Inner Beast and Surprise Yourself

We see it every year! Someone always surprises themselves with what they can achieve. If you’re looking for a challenge, join us! We’ll guide you through it!

Check out a look back at last year’s CrossFit Open with some of the Rush athletes!

Mari GomezComment