Remembering Naughty Annie at Border Open IV

What is the Border Open?

In case you’ve been living under a cactus, the Border Open is the Borderland’s biggest baddest most intense athletic competition hosted by Rush Fitness Gym/CrossFit RFG.

It is composed of three qualifying workouts plus one final workout for teams that advance. Teams are made up three athletes. The qualifying workouts require two people from the team and the final uses all three team members. The OPEN and RX divisions have all female and all male teams, while the RX+ division is a co-ed division made up of two males and one female.

What Makes the Border Open Workouts ?

The Border Open is a fitness challenge tackling a variety of modalities. It’s not just about strength, not just about speed, not just about conditioning or skill. It’s all that, but also about how you handle a combination of all of these while working with a teammate. Part of the game is the strategy and communication necessary to tackle the challenge in a way that maximizes efficiency for the team.

A Look Back at Past Competitions

This is going to be our fifth year! We’re very proud of the athletes that have passed through the challenge, some of them returned more than once, and all of them the better beasts for it. So what can you expect from the workouts? Let’s take a moment and remember our short romantic rendezvous with a very Naughty Annie. Oh, Annie, why must you be so naughty!? She’s a sweet talker, but in the end, she will take your breath away. A smooth criminal in her own right. ;)

Let’s look at the RX division

Annie is a benchmark CrossFit wod usually composed of situps and double unders. It’s one of CrossFit’s most famous “girl wods” named after Annie Sakamoto, one of the sport’s original trainers at CrossFit Santa Cruz. Naughty Annie was a play on that theme of course, adding a cash in and cash out of pistols and substituting toes to bar for the traditional sit ups. The takeaway? The wod was a real test of core strength and control. On the surface, pistols might seem like a leg exercise but the midline is really doing a lot of the work there. Forty pistols is just enough to feel the burn before you move on to the double unders and toes to bar.

Let’s see what kind of naughty workouts we come up with this year.