Remembering the Power Ladder 2018

What Does the Power Ladder Involve?

As is tradition in the Rush Fitness/ CrossFit RFG Border Open competition, there is usually some form of a power ladder that tests the athletes skills on Olympic lifts. It’s not just about how heavy you go or how pretty you lift, but about how you handle teamwork, a cardio buy-in, and a very restricted time limit. The workout tests both athlete’s ability to lift weights and push through exhaustion and fatigue.

What Was the Workout like?

The structure of the workout was the same for the Open Division, RX, and RX+. What changed was the load and the box height. For the RX+ Division, Snatches were required. The RX and Open Division could perform any form of ground to overhead, including clean and jerks, or power presses. Several stations were set up with increasing weight loads and athletes had to perform the buy in each time before both athletes were required to lift the weight at least once and get the most possible reps within that time limit.


Why the Buy In?

Why not? It’s CrossFit 101. The buy-in is simply a way to make things interesting and adhere to the CrossFit principles of “constantly varied high-intensity functional movement.” All of our workouts subscribe to this philosophy and it’s pronounced in the Power Ladders, as there are very strict time limits and increasingly challenging weight loads with the accumulated exhaustion of the buy-ins and the previous lift. Form is key in order to perform the lifts properly without wasting reps. Technique and focus come into play, but so does your conditioning training. Adding the box jumps each time creates more of a challenge when it comes time to execute the lift, especially as the work compounds and the load increases.

What Can We Expect in 2019?

Rest assured there will be some test on your weightlifting skills, but make sure you practice heavy loads with some added cardio. Part of the fun is choosing the two athletes from your team that will better succeed at this particular type of workout. It is very fast paced and requires a close communication between partners to ensure you are working efficiently.

Check out the video below for a peek at what it looked like, although the music makes it sound like more fun than it was! Let us know what you think! Got questions about the competition? Give us a call at 915-274-3706