The Space

Rush Fitness Gym is located on the westside of El Paso at 226 E. Sunset Rd.


Wide Space for Group Classes

We have plenty of space to hold large group classes. One full pull-up rig in the front and one in the back, plenty of boxes, barbells, and equipment to accommodate a full group of people working at the same time.


Full-sized Rigs

We have two full-sized pull-up rigs. One is located at the front of the gym and one in the back. Come check it out and perfect those pull-ups and toes to bar.


Hot Joe’s Meal Prep & Smoothies

Need to stock up on some meal prep? Come by Hot Joe’s located in the front lobby and purchase home made delicious meals. Need a protein boost after your workout? We’ve got you covered. Try any of Hot Joe’s nutrition rich and flavorful drinks and smoothies.