Rush Fitness Gym
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Rush Fitness Gym



 Our main focus is functional movement and good form. This means working of variety of skills and exercises that improve stability,  strength, and conditioning. We spend a great amount of time on building strong technical foundations so as to increase efficiency and reduce any possibility of injury or the building of bad habits. Our athletes are always learning a variety of skills and exercises, with a focus on the fundamentals, all of which  increase overall athletic capabilities.

We pride ourselves in forming a strong community of athletes. Our group classes are a great opportunity to build healthy competition and a strong support group. Out athletes are always working together to challenge themselves, to improve, and learn from each other. 



Rush Fitness Gym offers a variety of services, including private and group classes throughout the day.  

No matter what your goals are, we are here to help. 

We assist with setting your individual goals, no matter what level. Rush Fitness also trains athletes for competition or can serve as a strength and conditioning component for athletes in other sports. 



Rush Fitness is located on the Westside of El Paso.  Our 4600 square feet facility accommodates large group classes while maintaining an intimate and homely environment.  A modern space equipped with top of the line pull-up bars, Olympic bars, weights, kettle bells, and everything needed for an all around workout.  We are near a calm residential neighborhood and have easy access parking.  

If you are a busy parent with a hectic schedule, not to worry! We offer a comfortable and safe play area for kids. The space allows the little ones to run around and play while you complete your workout.  There is a small television where they can play movies or their favorite television shows.  Occasionally  we even have little four legged friends visit and help cheer us on as we work.